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Early Intervention Services

Mississippi Department of Education requires an instructional model designed to meet the needs of every student.

Three Tier Model of Instruction

  • Tier I: Quality classroom instruction based on MS curriculum frameworks
  • Tier II: Focused supplemental instruction
  • Tier III: Intensive interventions specifically designed to meet the individual needs of the student

Teachers use progress monitoring information for the following reasons:

  1. Determine if students are making adequate progress
  2. Identify students as soon as they begin to fall behind
  3. Modify instruction early enough to ensure each and every student gains essential skills. Monitoring of student progress is an ongoing process that may be measured through informal classroom assessment, benchmark assessment instruments, and large-scale assessments.

If strategies at Tier I and Tier II are unsuccessful, students must be referred to the Teacher Support Team. The Teacher Support Team (TST) is the problem-solving unit responsible for interventions developed at Tier III. The chairperson of the TST is the school principal or the principal's designee.

Interventions will be:

  • Designated to address the deficit areas
  • Research based
  • Implemented as designed by the TST
  • Supported by data regarding the effectiveness of interventions

In addition to failure to make adequate progress following Tiers I and II, students will be referred to the TST for interventions as specified in guidelines developed by MDE if any of the following events occur:

  1. Grades 1-3 - A student failed one (1) grade
  2. Grades 4-12 - A student has failed two (2) grades; or:
  3. A student failed either the preceding two grades and has been suspended or expelled for more than twenty (20) school days in the current school year.
  4. A student scores at the minimal level on any part of the grade 3 or grade 7 Mississippi Curriculum Test.

What is TST?

Teacher Support Teams (TST) provide assistance to teachers as they work with students who are struggling academically and/or behaviorally. When a teacher refers a student to TST, team members, guidance counselors, general education teachers, administrators, other support staff, and, sometimes, the parent, use a collaborative process to discuss the student's needs and identify academic and behavioral interventions that the teacher may implement to help the student achieve. The TST process is data-driven. TST members consider evidence that the teacher collects to document the concern; they also design an implementation plan that includes a monitoring and evaluation component to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.

Who Should Refer?

Any teacher, group of teachers/team, or staff member with an appropriate concern about a student should refer the student to TST.

Which Students Should Be Referred?

Any regular or special education student who demonstrates a behavior or skill deficit that interferes with the student's academic progress may be referred.

What Concerns are Appropriate for Referral?

Concerns referred to TST should be ones that can be addressed during the school day. In general, the behaviors and skills that are best addressed through TST are focused and specific. Such concerns might include:

  • Attendance and tardiness
  • Homework or classroom completion
  • Specific academic concerns or skill deficit (i.e. learning long division)
  • Classroom behavior that interferes with the student's learning

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